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Let Us Find More Staff Replies


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Currently, the Latest Staff Replies sidebar functions pretty much exactly like the Recent Topics sidebar, in that only the most recent replies are shown, and old ones are no longer seen in the sidebar.


The problem is, the majority of Staff replies are pretty important, such as Warframe's compatibility with Windows 10 or updates on fixes or the status of builds. All stuff I'd like to be able to see, but may not be able to easily find due to the lack of reliability from the search bar and the current way the Latest Staff Replies sidebar works. If possible, I think it'd be a nice change to somehow allow us to scroll through the Latest Staff Replies, or go through an archive of them.

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I know there is a forum setting where you can set the number of replies you want to appear in the latest staff replies. 

They could probably get away easily with 50 if they figured out how to place a scrollbar there.

Is there a setting I can mess around with? I can't find any, but I'm completely blind so it's probably pretty obvious where it is.


Anyway, a scrollbar for the more immediate Staff Replies would be nice, although it wouldn't do much for the older ones.

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