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What Timezone De In?



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I just want to say this.  Being involved in this industry (App development, Deadlines, Code/IT/ etc etc.. but not to the "gaming" level of Warframe of course :) ) -- 


DE, and it's developers, crew/employees, etc... Want this Update out MORE than We do.. I assure you guys (and ladies)!  


They have high standards which are evident by ... well.. for one, revamping the entire movement system in a game of this maturity (among thousands of other things *refer to patch notes this time* -- 


Point is, they could have throw out the Update Wednesday to meet the expected (Devstream) day they anticipated.. but they have reasons / standards / polish , etc.. For which they are slaving away to get .. well.. polished and completed to their satisfaction (Standards) --- To give you and I the best possible initial release of  UD 17 they can.


We have to remember, there is still this ridiculously awesome fully functional game sitting here , called warframe that we can continue to play another X hours/day until the UD 17 releases!


All in all,.. lighten up, be excited.. sure.  Just give the dev team some slack.  They aren't delaying it for their enjoyment :)

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