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Twin Grakata Confirmed. I Can Die Happy Now.


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In honor of this monumental occasion, I shall post here a story I had written for one of the writing contests on the forums long ago.


Life was simple. All Clem had to do was follow orders of Queens. Where Queens commanded Clem to go, Clem went. Clem would ride in Galleon, then ride in shuttle, then land on planet. On planet, all Clem had to do was point Grakata and shoot. In fact, sometimes all Clem had to do was point Grakata; Clem liked it best when that happened. It saved Clem time from cleaning armor afterwards.


For Clem, Grakata was most important. Commanders always said Queens were most important, but Clem knew different. If rebel resisted, Grakata. If Corpus attacked, Grakata. If Infested charged, Grakata. Grakata solved problems much faster than Queens did, and Clem thanked Grakata for more things that happened than Queens. Clem never said anything to brothers or sisters, though; Clem knew what happened to Grineer that were not faithful.


Being Grineer meant Clem feared nothing. There was one exception; when Clem would hear about Tenno activity in nearby sectors, Clem definitely felt fear. Tenno were dangerous to Grineer’s health, and Clem avoided contact with them as much as he could. Clem had seen only messy results when Grineer would encounter Tenno.


Clem did not understand Tenno. Tenno usually fought everyone, but sometimes Clem heard Tenno were fighting for Grineer against Corpus. Other times, Clem heard Tenno were fighting for Corpus against Grineer. Where Tenno appeared, fighting always followed.  To Clem, Tenno seemed to only have one loyalty: war. Clem secretly admired Tenno for that, even if Clem feared them.


One day, Revelation happened.


Clem’s Galleon was in orbit around Saturn, and Clem was patrolling in Galleon. Galleon captain suddenly ordered Grineer to battle stations, as there was unresponsive vessel floating nearby. However, before Clem could move, alarms sounded. Unresponsive vessel had changed to a collision course with Clem’s Galleon, and sensors had detected heavy Infestation on vessel.


Galleon had no time to evade. Whole ship shook as enemy vessel crashed into Galleon. Before long, Clem’s radio filled with reports of Infested taking over Galleon. Gunfire and messed-up orders filled Clem’s ears, and screams of dying Grineer nearly made Clem lose focus. Concentrating, Clem joined nearest Grineer squad and headed with them to hangar where Infestation boarded.


As Grineer passed through one room, Clem nearly tripped over fallen grate. Not taking notice, Clem redoubled speed to catch up to squad. When Clem caught up, squad leader stopped, and pointed at door in front of him. Squad leader said Infested were on other side. Whole squad readied weapons and moved forward.


Door opened, and Infested attacked. Shrieking and screaming and roaring, Infested charged and leapt and crawled towards Grineer. Grineer immediately opened fire, and bullets from Hinds and Grakatas and Gorgons ripped through Infested. Clem roared as Grakata fired, trusting Grakata to keep Clem alive.


Many infested died, but squad took heavy losses while Infested did not stop coming. Soon only Clem, squad leader, and two Lancers lived. Squad leader ordered to retreat, but too late: big Infested reached out and grabbed squad leader from in front of Clem, then pulled squad leader into horde of charging Infested. Clem and other two Lancers fell back while firing Grakatas, but one Lancer was killed by leaping Infested while other Lancer fell to exploding Infested. Clem was left alone with Grakata. Clem pointed Grakata at nearby charging infested, and pulled trigger, but no bullets came out. Grakata had no more ammo, and Clem had no time to reload.


Grakata had failed Clem.


As charging infested closed in, Clem’s eyes closed. Clem’s only regret was that Grakata could not save Clem. Clem would have been happy if, while Clem was dying, Grakata could be used to still shoot and kill enemies. Since Grakata had no ammo, Clem could not die happy.


Suddenly, Clem heard Grakata. Bullets tore through charging Infested in front of Clem, but Grakata in Clem’s hands did not move. Clem opened eyes and saw figures slashing and shooting and destroying Infested all around. Clem froze, because Clem knew figures.




Clem watched in amazement as Tenno sliced up Infested and sent Infested parts flying everywhere. One Tenno was pulling Infested all around and shooting them. Another was stomping ground hard enough to make enemies fall in slow-motion. Clem knew there was third Tenno, but couldn’t see what Tenno was doing. All Clem could see was infested falling apart as if invisible blade was attacking them.


Fourth Tenno was Tenno that caught Clem’s attention. Tenno was not using powers, but was using very interesting weapon. In Tenno’s hands was very blue and very shiny Grakata that killed many Infested. Clem stared in awe at Tenno’s Grakata; Tenno Grakata never seemed to run out of bullets. Clem then remembered Clem’s Grakata was still empty. Clem hit helmet; now was not time to be scared. Tenno were fighting Infested, not Grineer. If Clem fought beside Tenno, maybe Tenno would not kill Clem. Clem quickly reloaded Grakata and joined Tenno in fighting.


As Clem fired Grakata beside Tenno, there was ship-shaking roar. Seconds later, armored Infested charged into room and sent Clem and Tenno flying backwards. There was only one, but Clem knew armored Infested was very tough. Clem fired Grakata at armored Infested, and Tenno fired with Clem. Armored Infested shot spikes at Clem and Tenno, and Clem flinched as one dug into Clem’s shoulder armor.


To Clem’s surprise, Tenno with Grakata suddenly fell over in pain and dropped Grakata. Other Tenno immediately rushed over to fallen Tenno, and Clem was about to help when armored Infested started moving again. Armored Infested was standing on two legs, and Clem saw that underneath, armored infested had no armor. Clem raised Grakata and pulled trigger, but no bullets came out. Clem cursed; Clem had forgotten to reload, and Tenno did not see what armored Infested was doing.


In that moment, Clem saw fallen Tenno’s Grakata. Without stopping, Clem ran towards Tenno and dove for shiny Grakata. As armored Infested started to bring its front legs down, Clem gripped shiny Grakata in right hand, pointed it at armored infested, and pulled trigger.


Bullets slammed into soft part of armored Infested, and armored Infested curled over in pain. Clem lay on the floor, shiny Grakata still pointed at target. Armored Infested turned towards Clem, and Clem cursed again. Clem had two Grakata, but both were empty. There was no way Clem could reload if armored Infested charged.


Suddenly, bright light flashed from where the Tenno were gathered, and Clem saw fourth Tenno, who owned shiny Grakata, pull sword of light out of mid-air. Fourth Tenno raised light sword and slashed at armored Infested from afar. Waves of light cut into armored Infested, and before long, armored Infested fell dead.  


Tenno turned to look at Clem, and Clem froze. If Tenno attacked, there was no way Clem could beat them.


Then, Clem remembered that he had fired shiny Grakata with one hand. In Clem’s hands were now two Grakata, and Clem knew how to use them.


Tenno moved toward Clem, and Clem pointed two Grakata…




The Steel Meridian leader looked up from the report. The defecting Grineer Lancer that had submitted the report looked back at her eagerly.


“An interesting tale, though slightly difficult to read with the lack of articles.” Standing up from her seat, she motioned to the guards to be at ready.


“However, we need better proof. If you are truly Clem,” she said, pointing at the Grineer soldier, “how will you prove it to us?”


The Lancer grinned, and reached down into the container at his side. The Steel Meridian leader stiffened as she saw the shape of a Grakata, and her hand shot to the Marelok on her hip. Before she could fire, the Lancer whipped out two Grakatas and started firing. Shouts of surprise echoed through the room, mingling with the noise of Grakatas being fired in bursts and the roaring laughter of the Lancer. The Meridian leader started in shock as the Marelok was ripped out of her grip.


The firing abruptly stopped, and unharmed Meridian operatives scrambled to recover their weapons as the Lancer who called himself Clem stood alone with his weapons raised high. In his right hand was a normal Grakata, and in his left was a metallic blue prisma-coated version. The Meridian leader shot a glare at the Lancer, but her uncovered eye twinkled with amusement.


“I am Clem,” the Lancer announced proudly. “And this… is Two Grakata.”


The Meridian leader put her hands on her belt and nodded. “Well then, Clem, welcome to Steel Meridian.” Clem’s grin broadened, and he put his weapons down.


The leader moved over to where her Marelok had fallen. Picking it up, she inspected it with annoyance, then tossed it at Clem.


“Now, for your first mission, you owe me a new Marelok.” 




May Clem bless us all as we wield his mighty gift.

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