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Alright so,i wanted to buy some platinum a long time ago,back in december if i remember correctly.But back then,the only option that i could buy platinum with,mobile payment,was not added to the options list.Now,i see they finally added boku.I can't currently afford plat but i will be able to in a few weeks or so.However,today when i went to check the price and buying process,once i entered my phone number i saw something that caught my attention: 

"9:00 euros plus VAT-0 platinum" 

is this some sort of visual bug?
ooooor do you actually get 0 platinum even if you pay with mobile with euros?Because from what i saw all prices are in dollars,however at the payment the price is converted in euros.But yeah,0 platinum.
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to my topic.

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I think its a bug, as here it shows 170plat for 9.00 euro option for Boku.

So I think you can safely buy it even if it says 0 youll get 170.

There used to be DaoPay but DaoPay itself has stopped their service.



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Alright i feel safe now. 

Thank you,fellow Tenno :)

Let us know if it added 170p or not, so in case if it did not add 170p to your account others will become awere of it and then youll have to put in a support ticket.

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