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The Mind Boggles (Rep Value)



I am curious as to why 25k rep (an augment mod) is worth 10-15 plat in the trading channel but 100k rep (a weapon) is worth only 25p.


This makes absatively posilutely no sense whatsoever. Why do people sell syndicate weapons for such low prices? Why not just sell 4 mods for twice the amount of plat?


What's more is when you ask people about it, you get a nice message saying "User is ignoring you."


I'm just confused...

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Say you do the standard syndicate "thing" and max rep for three of the six syndicates (Hexis + Suda + Meridian or Loka + Perrin + Veil). For the sake of examples, I'll assume you go with Loka + Perrin + Veil. You then max the rewards for these three syndicates. Now you can either undo your hard work to get all the gear from the other syndicates with just standing, or you can pay someone plat.


So, you need to buy 3 weapons (3 x 100 000). That's only 300 000 reputation.


But to max mods, you need (3 x 3) weapon mods (9 x 25000 = 225 000)


You also need Excalibur's mods, Frost's mods, Limbo's mods, Mirage's mods and Nova's mods ((3 x 5) x 25 000 = 375 000


So, in total, you're going to be paying 600 000 reputation (in plat) for mods and 300 000 reputation (in plat) for weapons. Because of this stunning disparity in the number of items worth 25 000 and items worth 100 000, those 25 000 mods are going to be in higher demand overall.


Or at least I think this is how it works.

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There's only 6 weapons to collect - and only some of those are actually impressive. Most players that are going to shell out plat for these weapons have already done so, or are looking for a good deal. There's actually pretty low demand (proportionally).


The augment mods, on the other hand, are pretty abundant - not a lot of people have them all. Collectors will shell out for even the less useful augments just to say they have them. They change in effectiveness and demand as people discover playstyles that synergize with the less used augments. We have new ones added fairly frequently which raises supply/demand for them all (as people spend rep on the new mods, less is available for the older ones). 

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People sell them low because it's faster


If everyone sold the same item for 50p it would frankly take forever to sell it. EVERYONE is selling it for 50


But if you drop your price to 25 people will swarm to you for it, you could even start a bidding war.


It's not about "How much can I make" it's about "How much can I make as fast as I can?"

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