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New Wow Expansion And New Battletech Game


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So first off, the long running MMO 'World of Warcraft' is going to be getting a sixth expansion and more details shall be given during Gamescom.


I never got into WoW, in fact the only MMO I ever really played and enjoyed was Global Agenda...


And we'll never get GA2, instead we have SMITE. I hate MOBAs...



So the creators of the Shadowrun games (the rebooted ones) has decided to launch a Kickstarter for a new game in the Battletech series (the main series from which Mechwarrior spun away from). The kickstarter is to come during Fall, so expect an update on this.


I said it once, and I'll say it again:


Armored Core > Every other mecha game



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I swear to go if we don't get a playable naga race... *shakes fist*



But I'd rather see a new Diablo 3 expansion, Warlords of Draenor only came out recently


Imo, WoD was a filler expansion, the new one was taking a little too long to produce (note the lull between MoP and it) and they wanted a way to test new mechanics (Garrison) and keep players interested while working on it. It was TOO short for anything else.

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i personally enjoy SMITE,tho i dislike any other mobas D:

strange things.

also off topic: GET HYPED!

I enjoy it as well. I laugh at Hi-Rez trying so very hard to enforce it as a competitive game akin to League of Legends; as well as their deplorable how-to videos.

Because MOBA is a sub-genre of RTS game, it's a third person game with MOBA aspects at best. So most people think it's the same as others.

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There is no new Armored Core...From just keeps going with the Souls games.


Whoops... Read incorrectly :P


Well I will be looking forward for this mech game kickstarter. One good mech game is HAWKEN and it is getting update at some point...


I hope for new Global Agenda game myself too... Old one is just bit odd...

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Pre-Line Ark White Glint (Joshua O'Brian). 

Good choice.

Noblesse Oblige, HNNNNG.


I remember suffering one of the missions in ac4 to get those wings.


Still find it really strange that Gundams are bigger than AC's.

That Blue Astray v2 is 1/100 and the AC is 1/72 =|

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I prefer using the LAHIRE.

It's just unique and fast.

I never liked light and fast frames :P


Either missiles or lasers, speed doesn't matter to me.


I stopped playing AC games at 4.

I don't own a ps3/4, so......it was all done at my friends. PC really likes fun mecha games.


The closets we've had to AC was...front mission evolved and that was mediocre.

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