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Are The Velocitus And Daikyu Fire Rates Broken?

(XBOX)SciMan Says


Hello guys, quick question here.


I have a level 30 Velocitus and a rank 5 Automatic Trigger mod. The AT says it increases the fire rate by 45%. My base fire rate is 0.833, but when I add the mod it only increases to 0.879 rather than 1.207 like it should be mathematically. 


I also have a level 30 Daikyu and several mods for fire rate. Its base fire rate is 0.364, but when I add 180% worth of fire rate mods it only increases to 0.475 instead of 1.01 like it should mathematically. 


Is this a bug I found? As I recall charge weapons should have their charge rate quickened when using fire rate mods. 


Perversely, when I added my 3 fire rate mods for a 180% fire rate bonus to my Cernos, it goes from 0.500 to 1.400. My Dread also has a fire rate of 0.500 and increases to 1.400 when I add my mods. Lastly my Paris Prime also has a 0.500 fire rate and increases to 1.400 when I add my mods. 


I tried the same thing with my other Archwing weapons and all of them properly increase their fire rates when I add Automatic Trigger.


It seems to be a specific bug for the Velocitus and Daikyu, can anyone else verify that they are having a similar problem?

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hmm.. orginally I thought you were calculating it wrong. But I have entirely different numbers than you do on my Daikyu. I think PC had some things changed and you'll be getting them at some point. My base fire rate is 1 on PC. So I can't tell what's going on anymore because we have a Charge Rate and a Fire Rate now....

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daikyu is just a gross weapon to use, i find it utter garbage really

better to stick to paris prime or dread

i just find it a dumb weapon cause of its fire rate, it just felt weird


the math on the fire rates seems off usually for any weapons

50% of 0.500 = 0.750


so the 45% boost on 0.879 should actually be, 1.27455


its probably because of the animation or charge system in place on the weapon itself

maybe its taken into account.


yeah, with 180% more fire rate on a daikyu of 0.364 the math equates to 1.0192 

so i don't get why its 0.475 it must be a math-e-matical bug

the actual math that should be used is 100% /20= 5% per each mark up, the times the base of 5% 36 times

36 = 180%

9 = 45%

(just divide rate/20 x %base amount {%/5} then add to base)

(0.364 + 0.6552) 180% or 36 times 0.0182 = 5%


no clue why, maybe its just coded wrong on most weapons

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