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My Friend Cannot Connect To Any Game



 he is new player when i added him to my squad it's fine but when i go mission with him he dosent' apper in the mission. and he lose connection , i also tried join in his squad while he host and i get connection lost when we start mission , he can't play with anyone any fix anyone know plzz help i want him to play warframe and not have bad experience .

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could be his internet


could be a firewall


could be a virus


could be options in warframe, i think its options, limited ping or smth


open the game up for playing and dont limit anything there, country/area which he is living in


could also be happen he need to forward things to his modem, nat-troubles


start with checking ping



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You coulde also check if you settings are sett to the same region to do this go to options -> gameplay-> secound lines says region see if they are sett to the same and set matchmaking ping limit on the thierd line to no limit and try again

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port forwarding --- there is a discussion on this somewhere?  That is the first thing to check because its the most common issue.

Its also a 5 second fix, you open your router or firewall and mash a couple of buttons and its done...

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