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Xp Not Sticking After Missions To Weapons/frames?


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After running mission I maxed my machete wraith and also leveled my other weapons and warframe up and it showed the maxed stuff, but then I went to my arsenal to swap out weapons, and that's when I noticed that my weapons were still the same level they were before I took them into Draco, I then went to my profile and over to my equipment tab to see if they were showing maxed, but they weren't showing maxed, they were showing higher level than my arsenal but not the levels that the last mission results were showing. I did see if logging out then in solved the issue but no change, I also restarted the game completely but with no change. (Machete Wraith was level 17 before Draco, after 4 rounds on Draco mission results said it was maxed, profile equipment showed level 25, while arsenal showed 17 still). Whats the problem with the XP?

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Happened to me also today 


Did pluto sachura (started with weapon 28lvl) finished mission it was lvl 30 


Once i was on my ship i pressed (immediately) ESC+ ARSENAL my frame glitched out (went out of the screen)


while camera was at same place so i was not able to press anything i had to restart game BOOM my weapon was on 28 -.-

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