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Issues With Ammo Pick Up

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For a while, every time I do a long lasting mission (most notably, Survival missions), I'm unable to pick up the ammo dropped by the enemies, leaving me to rely on my melee weapons. Sometimes I'm able to pick up one item or two, but I'm usually left with no ammo. Others say they have been having the same problem and aside from the game crashing when I attempted an ODS, every time, I've been having issues picking up ammo.

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I've had this happen too, with and without ammo mutations on my weapons. During long missions, for some reason you just stop picking up ammo. I thought maybe the ammo wasn't actually there (like a glitch that leaves the image of ammo you already picked up or something), I didn't know other people were having this issue.

Also, ODS!!! Lol, I've only ever gotten to 12 minutes before crashing, but I've heard that this is being addressed.

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