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Syndicates Voices

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This has been brought up many times, and I would love if DE were to add it but I can see reason not too, such as all the written dialog, then the actors having to say it the right way, and then rewriting the dialog from suggestions of the voice actor, then finally getting everything together without bugs and or glitches.


So we may get it in due time, but atm it seems like not that essential compared to everything else DE has to deal with atm


But like I said before, I would love to have it


Dat sexy perrin voice :3

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I am hoping that one day DE allows us to spend Rep to get them as Guides to replace the Lotus for regular missions - at least for the mission dialogue and certain briefings, for things like G3 attacks, Quests, and informing us to expect colder than normal temperatures the Lotus can still interject.

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