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[Warframe Concept] Suggestion: Kwansy The Queen Of Spiders


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I only mad up the name now its a mix of the african spider god names.

Its my first suggestion so it may have insufficent information in it.

Basically its a warfame with yes spider powers.


I'm not very good with arts stick figures are my best work so Im sorry cant give you art but some idea about the look of the frame: holes on her body and tiny spiders running in and out of them (its a refer for a spider species wich carries their children in their own body) . four-six eye like thing on her head.


1. ability:Web trap

Coats an area in web, slowing enemies as they pass and while they are in the trap they take bonus damage.

If you hit an enemy with the spell after casting it they will get a minor impact damage and knocked down.Enemies entering the area will not be alerted.



Shoots a projectile, if it hits an enemy then it will become a host thus causes a moderate toxin damage if the enemy dies during the poison damage the host body will dissolve almost instantly because the spiders eat it to grow, the spiders then start to search for more food and attacking the enemies around them causing toxin and slash damage these spiders do not live long due to the fast growth they age quickly.



Area damage, realeasing thousands of tiny spiders from your body in an area the enemies start to panic and get moderate toxin damage after the effect ends they will deal less damage and become somewhat slowed due to the spider poison.



I havent figured out her ult. yet I stopped in ideas like:

-grow out four huge leg from her back wich then attacks nearby enemy and regenerating her healt.

-transform into a spider like state giving bonuses and new melee attacks.

-creating man sized spiders to fight for her.


I'm open for every idea ability changes etc.  

What do you think? I dont want to add just a lame copy-ed frame to the game and I'd like to hear your suggestion.

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