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Why Do I Get The Feeling If


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I make a topic regarding the current state of the hype train that some mode will jump on it and lock it? 


and redirect our attention the DE official topic.. we know about topic, that topic is the reason these threads exist.. how about merging threats instead of just plain out locking them.. also I noticed these new mods still have default pro pics instead the nice custom ones we are use to seeing from mods, gets one to think its guides and not well mod mods... I know some mod will jump on this and lock it, and either point to the DE thread, or say I should talk to the mod instead of making a post about it... problem is I have seen a few of theses locked on different forums by different mods for same reason, the one in off-topic did not warrant a lock tho... I would speak to the mods in person but there is more than one to address and this will go like the blond joke punchline where I don't want to explain it to every single on of them..


oh btw





and for some of people that didn't make it


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...You seem to misunderstand the reason an official topic exists. And as far as i know, the new threads get merged AFTER they are locked. After the merge, they are unlocked because the mainthread is unlocked already.

Having multiple topics(i am talking about literally hundreds of them, not your normal duplicates) talking about the same thing is the MOST unproductive way to structure a forum.



And the user avatars are not allowed yet because of copyright problems (people might upload characters from copyrighted series or logos that are copyright-ed).


EDIT: If it says your topic is not found on the forums anymore, you might want to check the official topic, because it might already address this issue or simply because your thread has been moved there entirely. It is not gone.

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