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[Warframe Concept] Arcane Archer, Powers Completed, Still Wip


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Excalibur's new ultimate inspired me to look at the Magic Archer class from Dragons Dogma and imagine an adaptation for Warframe. Work is still early, in progress. Not close to complete as I am still just working the powers out. 



Magic Archer, from Dragons Dogma


Arcane Bow inherits the first element applied to a weapon. Only the base four elements apply, not mixed elements. If no primary is equipped, the default element will be electrical.
Master Archer
Receives a +10% bonus to Flight Speed and Fire Rate for all pull string bows.
Casting Animation are increased by +10% when no weapon is equipped in Secondary and/or melee, each (Up to +20%). 
Weapon Augments work, as well.
Arcane Bow
Several of the Archers powers use the Arcane Bow. The bow can inherit mods from an equipped primary weapon. However, base damage mods such as; Serration, and Heavy Caliber, do not effect damage. Elemental mods do work, damage calculated from the abilities base damage, after Power Strength. 
Unless other wise noted, Power Efficiency works on all powers.
Sure Shot (20)
The Tenno whips the Arcane Bow out for a rapid shot. The Sure Shot homes in on vulnerabilities, head shots, weakness, sonar patches, etc. 
Sure shot has double the Flight Speed for the Arcane Bows. 
Base Critical damage is increased by 100%
Damage: 50/100/150
Power Strength: Effects damage, and base critical damage.
Power Range: Alters effective range of the bolt.
Augment: Trick Shot
Shots pin targets to wall. Shots to the feet will pin a target to the ground. Shot can be bounced of surfaces and will seek nearest target. Same base damage, but no longer homes in on weaknesses.
Augment: Fire Friendly
Hitting an ally with a bolt increases their weapon Flight Speed, Rate of Fire, and Reload Speed by +10%, for 15 seconds. Is effected by Power Strength, and Power Duration.
Infused Draw (65)
The Arcane Bow is drawn, if not already, and an special elemental attack is made based on the selected element. 
Heat: Explosive Strike
A single shot, similar to Embers Fireball, lodges into enemy or whoever it strikes. Explodes, every 3 seconds x3 times, creating a fire wave, like the Arson Eximus. The Fireball does 300 fire damage, the explosion wave does 200. 
Power Strength, effects damage. 
Power Range, effects the size of the fire wave. Alters effective reach of the Arcane Bow’s bolt.
Cold: Vortex Shot
Arcane Bow fires a horizontal, cold element charged, cyclone (similar to Zephyr's Cyclones). This vortex draws in the enemy 400 cold damage, last 1.5 seconds.  
Power Strength, effects damage. 
Power Range, effects the size of the vortex.
Electricity: Ricochet Charge
Arcane Bow fires an electric bolt that increases in damage with each ricochet. Base 50 electricity damage, increases by 50 with each bounce. Ricochet will last for 4 seconds. 
Power Strength, effects damage. 
Power Duration, effects how long the bolt can ricochet. 
Toxin: Sacrificial Strike
The Arcane Bow fires a bolt of energy that sacrifices the Warframes health to inflict damage on enemies and heals allies.
Cost 50 health, and heals 50 health on an ally, and removes proc's. Inflicts 150 toxic damage to enemies and 50 toxic damage over 6 seconds. 
Power Strength, effects damage and healing. 
Power Duration, effects length of toxic damage.   
Augment: Alchemy
Combined elements can be used, and become the base element for the Arcane Bow. The Inherited element is, the first combined element equipped on a weapon. If only one element in equipped on a weapon, Electricity will be combined with it. If now element is equipped on the Primary, or, no Primary is equipped, Magnetic will be applied.
Magnetic: Polarizing Flare
Fires a bolt that explodes, 5 meters after being loosed, into a magnetic flare. Persistently blinds for 3/5/7 seconds. 5%/10%/15% Magnetic status chance per second to all target within 5/15/30 meters.
Soft polarize visual filter is applied within Flare range.
Power Strength: Effects Status percentage.
Power Range: Alters effective range.
Power Duration: Length of power time.
Corrosive: Ablative Gel
Fires a glob of corrosive goo that slows a target, and removes 2.5% armor per second, over 20 seconds. Multiple hits accumulate corrosion, but not only reset slow timer.
Power Strength: Increases amount of corrosion to armor.
Power Duration: Increases time target is slowed and inherently-number of ticks corrosion can effect armor.
Gas: Choking Chains
Arcane bolt instantly proc’s a AoE gas cloud. Each target that takes damage has a 10% chance of proc’n a AoE gas cloud, with the same infection attributes.
Power Strength: Effects Status percentage, and gas damage.
Power Duration: Alters the duration of the gas cloud.
Power Range: Effects the size of the cloud.
Blast: Torpedo
Arcane bolt creates an explosive that can sit whenever its fired upon. If it comes in contact with an enemy it will explode for, 300/700/1000 blast damage, 3/7/15 meters. Only one Torpedo can be active, firing another Torpedo will detonate the last. Torpedo can be launched 5/10/15 meters away.
Power Strength: Effects damage.
Power Range: Effects the effective distance torpedos can be launched and the blast radius.
Radiation: Ionizing Orbit
A target is hit for radiation damage. Ionizing radiation particles orbit the target and inflict radiation damage to enemies that come in contact.
Particles: 1/2/3
Damage: Each particle does, 50/150/350 radiation damage
Spin Rate: 1 orbit per 3 second. 1 meter from target.
Duration: 3/7/11 seconds.
Power Strength: Effects damage, and orbit speed.
Power Range: Effective distance particles orbit target.
Power Duration: Alters length of power duration, and increases number of Ionizing Particles.
Viral: Half-life
Target is struck for viral damage, is disarmed, and becomes enraged. Attacking anything nearby, and inflicting viral damage with 10%/25%/40% status chance. The infected berserkers base speed and damage is increased as its health is depleted by, 100%/200%/300% of health lost. Example: At 50% health lost, the infected berserker would have speed and damage increased by 150%, with a rank 3 Alchemy Augmented Infused Draw.
Power Strength: Adds percentage of viral damage to targets base, and increases status chance. 
Flight Step (80)
An Arcane bolt marks the location that teleports the Arcane Archer, and allies within limited radius of the caster. 
The Teleport terminates in a hale of Arcane missiles. 3/7/15/24 bolts are generated per teleported Tenno. 
Damage: Each bolt generates 25/75/125/200 damage, of the base elemental damage, from the Arcane bow.
Bolts fire in the same direction as the marker bolt as the player. 
Marker bolt does no damage.  
Teleport Radius: 1/2/3/4 meters.
Range: 100 meters.
Power Strength: Effects damage.
Power Range: Alters effective range of Teleport.
Augment: Flight Echoes
The teleport origins radius lingers for 3/6/9 seconds after casting. Ally’s that enter are teleported to the marker target, delivering the same hail of Arcane bolts.
Arcane Bow (40, 3 per second) [Channeling]
Summons the Arcane Bow. Does 100/200/300 base damage pure elemental damage. Fires 2/4/6 arrows, home in on target. 
Rate of Fire: 1 second
Flight Time: 60meters per second
Reload Time: 0 seconds. 
Punch Through: 0 meters
Range: Line of Sight
Critical: 30%
Crit. Damage: x3
Status 10%
Effective range: 100 meters.
Like the Daikyu, Arcane Bow must have full draw to fire multiple arrows, but firing can be withheld until released by player. Premature release of Arcane bolt reduces damage, and flight speed.
Because the bolts home in on targets, they are now subject to fall off.
A shield boost is generated while drawing the Arcane Bow. It produces 250/475/800 shields, that dissipates when the arrow is loosed. When an arrow isn't drawn the shields boost drains at a rate of 10 a second. Redrawing boost the shield back. If the bow charge is held and the shield is damaged, it recharges at a rate of 10 per second. 
Power Strength, effects damage and shield boost. 
Primary weapon mods effects on Arcane Bow, most mods that are not damage mods (critical damage being the exception) work. e.g. Critical chance, flight speed, status, etc. (note: Arcane Bow may inherit element from primary, but not likely elemental damage.)
Power Range: Alter the effective reach of the Arcane Bow.
Augment: Ninefold Strike
Increases number of arrows from 6 to 9. Flight speed is increased by 30%. 
Augment: Seeking Strike
Arrows go from 6 to 5 but up to five targets can be targeted. Closest five targets to player reticle are selected while bow is drawn. Target acquisition takes 1/2 a second each. Surviving targets have 100% chance of being knocked to the ground. 
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