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Sooo We Got The Twin Grakata....so When Can..

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We move on to the actual heavy artillery? sure twin subies are all good and now we will be unloading an insane amount of fire which lord knows I can't wait to use. Also would be hilarious in enemy hands....DE think about it! Twin Grakata units coming out 10 at a time with pinpoint accuracy! i'm sure everyone will love it! BUT we need to get the real firepower now. 


Sooo let's just cut to the chase....when can we get dual Opticors? Then after that more importantly when can we multiply them by 3 so I can look like this guy~



I'm both joking but oddly serious. Hek has 4 barrels, why cant opticor get 6 ; ~;

I'll even accept archwing...as long as we can take archwing in regular missions ofc~

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The only duals I see happening from primaries are Braton, Dera, Karak, IGNIS, and Tonkor for giggles and completely break the game forever.


I think what "Heavy Artillery" means is to have big weapons that are slow but quite powerful and could potentially slow your character down too. Really destructive weapons. Yeah that's not going to happen cause of mobility.

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