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Prime Sets, Helms, Mods For Sale

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Prime Weapon Sets:

           -Burston P Set 20 plat

           -Orthos P Set 20 plat

           -Sicarus P Set 20 plat



Arcane Helmets:

            -Aurora  30 plat

            -Avalon  50 plat

            -Gambit 30 plat

            -Menticide  50plat

            -Peoenix  50 plat

            -Pulse  60 plat

            -Reverb 100 plat

            -Scorpion 30 plat

            -Swindle   (make me a good offer  i might sell it)


Prime Reach 50 plat

Animal instinct 15 plat

Berserker 10 plat

Firestorm 10 plat

Hell's Chamber 10 plat

Narrow Minded 20 plat

Sanctuary 10 plat

Split Chamber 10 plat

Vile Acceleration (maxed) 35 plat

Corrosive Projection 20 plat



Contact me ingame:  -PirateMonkey-


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