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Share What You Are/were Doing While Waiting For U17!


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So, while DE is off to get some sleep, I suggest we share all the useful things we did to kill this long night. :O

So far I:

- Went to Akkad and Sechura where I did some useful things with a Banshee while leveling and formaing Atomos. I love weapons with D polarities, don't you?

- Logged into War Thunder, grabbed a login reward, gazed sadly at yet another Spitfire that needs to be levelled, remembered that my premium time has expired, decided not to torture myself, logged out.

- Logged into WoW, healed a dungeon with a drool, remembered how much I hate healing with a drool, decided to heal with a pally, figured out I have no heirlooms for holy pally, tanked a dungeon instead, where Ingvarr the Plunderer somehow aggroed during second boss fight, came all the way down and wiped us. I swear, I did UK hundreds of times and I've never seen anything like this. Wtf?

- Logged into Mechwarrior Online, played a match in a Grasshopper, got tk'ed by a light with small pulse lasers while running away from an Atlas and a Timby. Wtf?

- Logged into Hawken, played a couple of fun sneaky matches with a Scout. Got dominated by a pesky Predator that apparently was better at sneaking. Sigh.

- Logged into DoW2, where I let ye olde Davian Thule crush some puny Eldar IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR. Lost a foundry to Orks in the meantime. Angelos is gonna have Commander Hairgel's head for this.

- Went to sleep, dreamed of Equinox and parkouring around my room without stamina, woke up 3 hours later. Still no update. :(

- Launched Civ 5, started a casual game. My second settlers got captured by barbarians, I brought some archers to deal with them, but smart-arse Russkies moved in for last hit, killed barbarians and kept my settlers for themselves. Wtf?!

At that point it was time to go to work, so now it's 11am Friday, and my only hope is that by the time I go home DE will have gotten a good sleep and will be deploying U17, which is hopefully worth the wait (who am I kidding? Abolition of stamina alone is worth any wait).

Your turn, Tenno. :O

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Go to sleep and set a alarm for 8am, 30 minutes before they come back so you can do your morning stuff, like coffee, bathroom ect.


That's depending if you don't have a job (on setting the time), other wise, you can read stuff, discuss and play whatever games you have or do some grinding on Warframe before the update.

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Yesterday I was playing Firefall, leveling some Accord classes for perks before I continue leveling my Recluse/Dragonfly.


Then I was asleep.


Then I was in a Skype call with an Englishman, a Malaysian and an American. Sounds like the set up to a terrible joke...


I played Alien: Isolation and got scared out of my wits by a Hazmat Working Joe. Currently in the process of exploding a reactor or something.


Played Garry's Mod with my friends. First we played a Five Nights gamemode and then we played an Alien: Isolation gamemode. I had fun stalking people in both. I am bestest alilen.


Then I couldn't be bothered with life and went to sleep.


Then I woke up and watched Nostalgia Critic.


Then I read the forums.


Now I'm back with Alien: Isolation.



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