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New Warframe Idea, Morph


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This new warframe morph gets his powers by changing the environment or things about him.



1) Morph Other: Target takes on visuals and abilities from nearby environment (if ally)

If an enemy they're disabled for X seconds by becoming the floor/wall/cabinet/pickup


2)  Simulcrum (summon ability)

(basically a summon like golem that gets it's textures and abilities from whatever you targetted when you cast it)


3) Morph Self: You take on visuals and abilities from environment (whatever you targetted)


4) Mass Morph: Ultimate is an AOE at range that makes the scenery grab and crush slowly multiple targets

targets will be randomly held down, held still, or crushed in vice grips. 


The hard part (and probably fun part for the programmers) is working out what abilities you'll give the object thats acquired stuff from the environment.


Heres some possibilities:


1) targetting the reinforced glass of a corpus tube window.  Target gets near immunity to laser fire or reflects/refracts laser fire


2) Targetting A grineer hull: Target gets strong absorbent armor like rhino's skin that absorbs X amount then disappears.


3) Targetting an infested growth:  Target becomes invisible to or avoided by infested as they think you're one of them. (you can still freely attack them)


4) targetting an enemy: Gain it's strengths and weaknesses? of it's armor.  Also if you use #2 ability on an enemy you make a replicant copy of that enemy (thats also tougher ,faster and stronger than the enemy probably)


5) lots of other things could be targetted, molten metal in grineer's factory



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Morph isnt controlling light he's reshaping molecules, infusing your warframe with matter (visually  with temporary textures) (and abilities) to yourself, an ally or an enemy (which effectively holds them in place movement wise or disables their aim/weapon)


Ability #2 is making a golem out of the terrain, that fights for you.  (you can target an enemy when you activate the ability though and the golem will become a copy of that enemy)


Bosses would need to be immune to the copy ability obviously (unless it was a much weaker copy)

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Maybe turning them into a pickup is a bit rough as far as shapechanging goes.  But changing them into something in the environment (albeit temporarily) instead of their normal hostile selves will make sure they cant hurt you.  Maybe in this state they are slightly harder to kill (or impossible if they just turned into a bulkhead) but it's only temporary and they'll revert back soon.


Instead of actually polymorphing just infusing them with environmental materials will at the very least make them a statue (or a mass of infested ichor)



Keep in mind that ability 1 targetted on a friendly will buff them with abilities and defences based on what they're standing on/nearby.

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