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U17: Just Release It Next Week


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well yes actually we know there is going to be a buttload of hotfixes to follow.. releases it next week, so they have a week to test it themselves, that way there might be reduce in 85% of the general hotfixes to follow, that is customed to every big update

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They really should just release it when it's ready and playable.


The following happens every.damn.major update.


Everyone hypes it up.

Everyone rushes DE to release the stuff on ETA which is an estimate (ffs lol)

Everyone gets impatient and starts posting random crap.


*Update hits*


Everyone tries to download it at the same.

*Slow download speed*

Everyone tries to login.

*Timeout login errors*

Everyone starts making topics in GD that they can't login.

*If they login then they encounter bugs and crashes.*

Everyone starts making threads in GD about their game bugging out and crashing.

Everyone else also makes threads on "How do i new X?!"


Ingame chat is extra salty with a hint of cancer.


Everyone starts blaming DE for releasing a buggy patch.

*Couple of hotfixes a week later*

Everyone starts making "Oh this update was underwhelming, DE you suck" because they rushed through the content.


Everyone anticipates the next prime time.

Hypes up the next thing shown in it.




Seriously, this community...... man.

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