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Possibility Of Semi-Permanent(Very Long) Air/flight Time?

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in u17's Parkour 2.0 update DE will add Bullet Jump and Aim Glide

Bullet Jumps are the next thing in regards to "directional air melee"

whilst Aim Glide is Bullet Time Dives ala Max Payne, aiming while in the air.

and they can be reset and can do it more than once by doing other things like casting skills or touching wall surfaces.

what happens to Zephyr?


let's say that if you bullet jumped vertically and cast Tailwind Horizontally, then aim Glided for a moment, and if Bullet Jump is already reset by the skill cast, did Bullet Jump again in another direction and then Aim Glided and aimed to a different direction and cast Tailwind again, doing it over and over until you run out of energy(can be regenerated with Energy Siphon, Energy Plates, and Trinity's Energy Vampire.

is she a real bird now?
(i wanted be an AC-130 Specter Gunship with Tonkor/Angstrum in-game)

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Yes, this was confirmed in Devstream 57, where Rebecca remarks that Zephyr is only further empowered by Parkour 2.0, as a counter argument to those in chat suggesting that Parkour 2.0 killed her.


In layman's terms; She does keep her namesake very well.

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i need to test something with parkour 2.0 :

already, i can finish a mission without touching the ground ( and i not use zephyr).

if i can use the same method with parkour 2.0, all frame can do infinit(yeah infinit!! ) bullet jump without wallrun...

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