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[Recruiting]☢ᐒ The Resistance ᐘ☢Complete Dojo☢250+ Members☢Join Today!


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Hi, it looks great!


Could you pls tell us how you made it? (Which software?)


What "color" did you used for the background to get it transparent?


Thx for your answer

You could of sent me a message since this is a recruitment thread.

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is it too late to join? I'm a very experienced player, played about almost 80 hours, love helping other getting resources and maintain resources for dojo/

too. IGN: Herb, invite much appreciated 

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this clan looks like its shaping up too be a really good clan, any chance i could be apart of this ?


IGN: JesseBui 

if you guys do accept me into the clan, ill really appricate it


btw nice video

Edited by JesseBui
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