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This video features my favourite racing driver Nico Hülkenberg 💖.
He ended his F1 career last year and returned for two races this season to replace two other drivers who were unable to partecipate due to the virus. He performed great with no time to test a car he doesn't know or to physically prepare for the race. During his home GP in Nurburgring, they called him saturday in the morning and he just jumped in the car for the qualifying session the same afternoon. He qualified last but on sunday he was able to finish the race in 8th place.
I love him so much 'cause he has a very strong mentality and always takes difficulties with a smile and irony and is a super racer. I like this video and the song and want to share it. Hope to see him again in future with a permanent seat.


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Ah, Peter Murphy. My Pale Duke, love the choice. But.....today, like every day, is a Peter Steele day.

and a Chris Pohl day...

and especially this!

The video I really want to play may get me the ban hammer, for the name of the band, even though they are from Poland and if it didn't get them in trouble there then probably not here, but sensitivities and stuff...


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Must have perfect grammar or it will bug me😀
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