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Autumns Eyes, love this guy. Solo project, great voice, look him up...Great cover to honor the late, great Peter Steele and the beauty that was Type O Negative

Prison- If I uploaded it already, forgive my messed up memory right now. Still a beautiful song.

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1 hour ago, (PSN)LOAM22881 said:

Incoming! was a clan name I seriously considered.

That would've been a great Clan name and one that maybe only a few ppl would get. My Clan name is London After Midnight, for the band, each room console features lyrics from their songs, and there are other references to Undertheskin and Type O Negative there too.

Not too many of us "Sisters" fans around that I know of, maybe not in the whole of the gaming Community, at least unless they are 40 and over, like me. Excellent song.


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