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Update 17: Echoes Of The Sentient


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Yay thanks!


Edit: now that I can edit this, I want to say (with my poor English xD) that you are the best DE! Working past midnight just to bring us the update, that's awesome.


Your English is good tho.

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So I found something that made me a bit annoyed when i realized it, in the Warframe Launcher where you have the Build Notes, You Mention the Kubrow incubation upgrade segment being purchasable in the MARKET, but nothing about how its Research and BUILDABLE in Clan Tech! I happened to only Read the Build Notes and not The Update Notes which yes do mention the Clan Tech. But still, i though it was only Purchasable (For good reason it gives some hardy buffs!) and spent unnesasary plat. Being the first person to log in (in my clan) i hadn't gotten around to checking the new weapons and other things that might take clan tech, although another clan member shortly got on and 20 minutes later i heard the horrible news.. I think this is something that should be ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY!!! 

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Unsure if this was brought up yet, but seeing as the other Arcane Helmets with Stamina Stats have been altered, why is there nothing on Arcane Chlora for Saryn? It's +10% Stamina Max / -5% Power Duration. Are we getting a fix some time to give that helm a new Stat?

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Parkour 2.0


This complete overhaul of Warframe’s parkour system brings a dramatic change to one of Warframe’s core elements: movement.  With these changes players will be given true freedom of movement without limitations such as being required to use specific weapons or becoming locked into restrictive animations.


Players will be given a quick tutorial of the changes made in Parkour 2.0 when logging in for the first time after the Update is live.  Players can choose to skip this tutorial, or replay it from the Advanced Movement menu in the Training section of the Codex.


The following features have been added to Warframe’s movement system:


  • Double Jump:  Players can now use a second jump while in mid-air.  Players will be able to jump again immediately after touching any surface or enemy.
  • Bullet Jump: Pressing the ‘Jump’ button after sliding will send the player into a mid-air dash, temporarily improving movement speed.  Players can use a Bullet Jump as a double jump in any direction.
  • Wall Latch: Pressing the ‘Right Mouse Button’ button against a wall will allow players to latch onto flat surfaces for a limited duration.  Players may fire their equipped Primary or Secondary weapon while using Wall Latch.
  • Wall Dash:  Pressing the ‘Jump’ button while against any surface will allow players to hop along the surface in any direction.  This can be used to scale vertical surfaces, and can be chained indefinitely.
  • Aim Gliding:  Using the ‘Aim’ button while in mid-air will slow the player’s fall speed, enabling a slow glide that players can fire their weapon in any direction from.
  • Ziplines:  Pressing X while near a zipline will allow players to jump directly onto the zipline.  Players can now run or dash along ziplines, and X to jump on a zipline can be done after a double jump.
  • Stamina has now been removed from the game.
  • Parrying now only blocks a base percentage of incoming damage.
    • Channeling while parrying will block 100% of incoming damage, and reflect a percentage of the damage back at the cost of Energy.

You reduced the pace too much. Warframe feels slow now. Also it is way more difficult to interact with mutliple walls now.

And what happened to this?




And this?




Here a few suggestions, how you could improve it:

Feels more like air-swimming than parkour. The vertical speed is fine, but the horizontal speed is always at run+buttlslide level.


Increase the momentum gain of bullet jump.

The first contact to a wall should have the momentum boost of the old wallrunslingshot with contrallable direction

Make it easier to land the first wallrun jump.

Increase the base movement speed of all warframes.

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Give Strun Wraith its 2 second reload back!


It is 1.5 sec for the Strun Wraith.


And 2.3 for the Boar Prime.


It was supposed to be even DECREASED.








Actual reload speed: Strun Wraith 4.1 sec and Boar Prime 2.8 sec.

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Where is this from? You know... For research purposes...


EDIT: After some research I have found the anime to which this scene belongs, it is called "Guilty Crown". You are welcome my internet brethren.

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