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If You Can Read Chinese , Come , It Just Some Idea.


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yeah ... i used a translator >_<


Why should this question because
It did not open any Chinese Forum
And I went to see the discussion forum English
Every day discussion HOT posts
That there is no "very often see DE participate where"
Just grab a few want to put in your STREAM talk about it

First, let's return to the theme of good
I will first analyze the root discuss the focus of a trading system

1. Most of your company's revenue has several components
a. fixing the rich or accept your asking price will buy PRIME ACCESS
But first it must NT $ 4200, with the thought that you know the income pyramid
People did not have to buy the underlying NT $ 4200 as a direct buy a GTA5
Or smoke a 50% or 75% come back to buy, basically very supportive of you with money
People buy, but the price is that you set it 4200, I have no opinion.

2. In addition to those who will buy PRIME ACCESS VIP discount is waiting for the rest of the people, or occasionally buy a PRIME

ACCESS person
a. If you know you played warframe store a dragon katana 275 Platinum fundamental Kay

Or your son or support more money will buy, can be bought with several vacancies potato, knife own good,

It should be said that you shop sells ready-made weapons can do it yourself, because you do not want the players to feel directly buy you

Weapons like Pay to Win, so do you do a comparison of weapons material supplies, it takes time, so it

Some people will be thinking how to spend their platinum, not so stupid to buy the store readymades.

3. In addition to the above two points, and the rest is to buy a little platinum person (so far I have been talking about will

Talk to you buy platinum support your company's people, rather than not to spend money, spend a lot of time to get

platinum people), and this one I think it should be the most common, is that you play the bottom of the pyramid of income

a. I have to see the NT $ 1500 exclusive pack, much like the season is the same package of Warcraft,

But the 1150 season package of Warcraft NT also more fun, warframe 1500 is very easy to tired, of course, this

Points comparison is bad, dead than popular.

More casual than my analysis, please forgive me, I would say yes, imagine you want players to spend platinum finish

After you buy again, but in addition to the Celtics with VIP or accept your will to fix the NT $ 4200 buy PRIME

ACCESS but also its minority of players would go about doing this, but that income you have 200 employees of public

Division is not enough support, in addition to fixed will consume or even consume platinum Seoul who can introduce new players

Let you earn money, it is easy to know, to make money is the main two points:

1. Players must be fixed very few buy PRICE ACCESS However, I said that the price to say a few large

Not as good as people upgrade display card or buy GTA5.

2. In addition to fixed than buy PRIME ACCESS players, and your source of income.

You want to make money is to make platinum circulation, so that players buy your platinum again, country

Home to the rich, money would flow, as the company sets the truth.

Well let's go to the subject, and your biggest platinum flowing place is in the "trade channel", it

Multi-MOD, PRIME PART are in this to buy, find that most players feel super expensive,

You have to know the play, the seller is much larger than the buyer, that me, a win-win concept, you can confidently

Said, "something just out of course, difficult to beat Argentina, so selling expensive," Well I do not mind have no opinion, but most of

Things still rely on platinum to trade, how not to set up a "Traffic field"?

Each time with others, to speak in terms of the tragedy to the price fight to call, and then curse a curse of sorts, people black out

? Do you have your own playing games? Community care quality do about it? We are afraid of injuries, I'm afraid you did not play

Hello to my example, I want to buy something today, to make people bid, the seller of course would be afraid Ah, throwing the price is

Buyers curse "selling price even ghost", even out of a mid-price is also too, the seller will cool it?

I direct a price like saying "(WTS) >> ASH PRIME SET 350p, suddenly someone shot you Lengjian

, PM you say "you put the freezer it will buy" and play the game right people you want to be choked, bid was

People freedom, it serves to get out is a personal issue, so you think the players privately scolded scold go, black to black to go,

Play unhappy, your company does not need to look at this DE problem?

I have this idea is a auction system:

You can call the players to make a robotics auction, anyway, whatever, as long as able to do something like this:

Buyers want to buy something he saw the auction sale price or not he wants nobody to sell him something, he would

Using a machine to help her buy a hanging, he is set to a machine which items he wants priced at between 40p-50p bought

(He would first give this robot 50p), and then go after publication, everyone in the trading system to see his print

Gordon wants to buy something (similar to buyers search interface), the seller will be able to publish this article to the buyer (seller Just mention

Up article is to first pay for it), like saying the seller A 45p, sellers B of 50p, and that as long as each draw

Cheapest award time, the system will find out the price you inner and published the first person to buy it, that each player will be able to

Platinum and items received in the draw period, the company anyway, you can do it supplies the machine, and then

Three days after the auction can be hung, hung two per person to do more, you can buy items or sets of parts or a single piece,

Then you have to set a good condition, the machine will go and you hang buy.

Seller is simple, when the seller wants to sell something, only a fixed price to the machine, for example, sell ASH P SET 300p

, Want to buy the players themselves to order now, in case there are bids to control the market caused by the occurrence, and then bought the 300p

Who is waiting for time to draw, they will send you the goods, provided that you first extract platinum to give

System, not cash on delivery, but the first to be settled.

Whether trading, should be named in order to facilitate the investigation in question, the benefits of this system is still in the transaction frequency station

, But the player and the player can reduce friction, to coax the DE with the players with no advantage to control the market sets the price, as

Do not do it similar to this system, it depends on your programmer.

Another point is that you control the market Obviously, every two weeks VOID TRADER selling something, you want to repeat

He used to sell and then sell, not to wait for a long time or is wait forever, and then let people spend a lot of time or

Is a bunch of otaku hoard goods to coax Taiwan price to sell players, the circulation of such platinum tell the truth, I look on this

It seems to take the time to contribute to this game people sell things stockpile simply fools, they spend a lot of time to let you DE

Easily earn interest of the company, deliberately delayed shipments to the players a long time to come back to buy rare MOD or PRISMA series

Things that make blue-collar employees who help you earn player of platinum to the currency, and you do not give him

These salaries are otaku, indeed ye make law is very sick, I still remember you sell Cooper color? Super disgusting

Price and have been pumping less golden color, to the players mad to buy Kuangchou, of course OPEN BETA did not break the law, say the real

In the game you have to play the game just out there feel 1--3 years the most fun, but a year and a half after you rotten.

If you want other comments I DE company can offer, after all, I play to Rank 18 a.

Sorry you watch a lot, but all the truth.

There you $&*^ens income ratio, I pure speculation.

Basically I do not look at players End PO Reply

To reply to beg euphemistic, do not lead the war

He declined all negative or negative to say, are not looking

IDEA better if you directly ask your IDEA, do not express your thoughts in the subjective me constructive, complete

Actually individuals have personal thoughts please and for you, do not look or be refused

If you want to express more constructive IDEA, I beg your direct PO "idea", after all, the views of DE,

I did not discuss with those discussions.

You have a subjective fear of ideas, mistaken I did not buy Platinum, please be assured that I have bought.

Do not use translation software point of view this is, as you'll article some wrong words, that any disregard.

Thank above
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