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Warframe Song 4: Poor Unfortunate Clones

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It's official - U17 is here!


And to celebrate, I've prepared my fourth song - a tribute to Tyl Regor and the wonderfully talented VoiceActingNinja! I have to admit, this one was written in nearly as much of a rush as the final push to Update 17, but all in all, I think it turned out quite well. Of course, since I haven't played through the new tileset, this was written mainly with Tubemen of Regor in mind - perhaps you'll recognize some of the lines.


While you all wait for your updates to download - I was planning to sleep, but at this speed, it's going to be done within the hour, and I just can't go an entire night without even a taste of U17, so I'll be up playing the waiting game too - enjoy!


Poor Unfortunate Clones

[The only way to fix the Grineer]
[is to modify them all yourself!]

[Regor can't be allowed to do that!]

[Oh, you Tenno lizards]
[That's what I do]
[it's what I live for]
[To help unfortunate Grineer with their illness]
[Poor clones with no one else to turn to]

The Grineer are plagued with awful deformations
Their bodies rotting from the moment
They are grown

Tiny minds and shortened lives
No matter how they strive
They're doomed to life as mere
Degraded clones

But I fortunately know a little science
Mixing waters, adding numbers, running tests
And these results aren't fake
I use them all to make
My upgraded soldiers perform at their best - my Tubemen!

Poor unfortunate clones, in pain, in need
This one needs to be much stronger
That one has to be less sick
And do I fix them?
Yes, indeed!

Those poor unfortunate clones
Rebuilt, made new
Waters flow into my test tubes
And I mix them as I please!
Grow the tubemen, yes I do

Now it's happened - rarely ever -
That my tests return an error
But I'm afraid they need to happen
For my goals

Yes, I work without restraint
But still I work to purge the taint
From those poor unfortunate clones

[Do you hear that?]
[You must destroy his tubemen!]
[The Void's judgment demands it]

[but I have a better plan]
[it's never too late for forgiveness, is it?]
[because there is one more thing to do]
[if you help me I'll give you some special payment]

[bah, you cannot trust this traitor!]

[i'm not asking much, just a mercy]
[You see, I'm not doing well]
[And I'm tired of this infected shell]

[Alad's words blaspheme against righteous Profit!]

[Regor has a cure]
[Locked away in those tubes]
[And I need you to steal his data for me]
[Won't you help a sick man?]


The jellyfish is full of mindless blather
The preacher is a coward and a bore
Yes, you Tenno skulk and creep
Trying hard to take a peep
But in the end, well -
Break my tubes, I'll just make more!

They will hunt you as you hide in corners frightened
As I'm poking Alad's carcass with my stick
Bottom-feeding Neffy preaches
But there's nothing to his speeches
Like a bug I'll crush you all
With just one flick

Come on, you poor unfortunate clones
Go ahead, make them pay
I'm a very busy doctor and I'm running short on time
They won't last long, not one day

You poor unfortunate clone
It's sad, but true
If you want to make a soldier
All this science takes a toll
Madness-touched, mind filled with death
But with bodies now made whole
And I've got more tubes a-brewing; soon
It won't just fight alone
This poor unfortunate clone

Tenno lizards - who let them in?
Tubemen, punish this twit
Oh, I'll punish the intruders
With the products of my scientific wit

[My tubemen, keep killing!]


Once again, for those who want to sing along - or superimpose VoiceActingNinja's fantastic voice over it in their heads:

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Clever stuff - very well done!



Now my dream is for VoiceActingNinja to one day sing it. Or the Devs to notice it. Senpai, please!

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