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Selling/trading Stuff

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Hello, everyone.
I'm currently trying to get rid of some items I don't need. I'm willing to trade them, or sell them for platinum. If you see anything you want, just post here, or send me a message on PSN. :) Just ask for a price and we'll work it out, if you want to buy something.

What I have to trade:
Ankyros Prime bp
Ash Prime chassis
Bo Prime bp
Bo Prime ornament
Boltor Prime stock
Boltor Prime barrel
Braton Prime bp
Braton Prime barrel
Braton Prime stock
Burston Prime barrel
Burston Prime stock
Ember Prime chassis
Ember Prime helmet
Glaive Prime blade
Hikou Prime bp
Lex Prime barrel
Lex Prime bp
Loki Prime bp
Loki Prime helmet
Nova Prime bp
Nova Prime helmet
Nyx Prime systems
Nyx Prime bp
Odonata Prime systems
Orthos Prime blade
Paris Prime bp
Paris Prime grip
Paris Prime string
Soma Prime bp
Vectis Prime barrel
Wyrm Prime bp

What I'm looking for:
Nova Prime chassis
Bronco Prime barrel x2
Bronco Prime receiver x2
Boar Prime barrel

Please feel free to contact me if you want to trade or buy. I'm willing to negotiate.
Have a great day! :D

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