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Spy 2.0 Computer Cannot Be Hacked

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Post-U17 bug for Spy 2.0


In the Corpus Spy 2.0 room with the two parallel hallways with moving lasers, that particular computer at the end cannot be hacked.  The HACK prompt does not show up, making it impossible to finish the mission unless you trip the lasers and fail it on purpose. I tried this 2x so far, same result.


The Corpus tall glass tower of moving lasers: same result. Computer cannot be hacked.

Also, the secret switch in the top floor of that same room in the air ducts (which deactivates all the lasers), to get the prompt for it to show up I have to stand at an angle with my back turned to it to be able to activate it.



The other spy rooms, Corpus and Grineer, appear to work fine.

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Confirming on the low level Eris Infestation Spy mission, same two Corpus spy rooms. I will note that I accessed both of these rooms by hacking the door to enter the room with the spy console. Once I was in, the room behaved as if I had extracted the data, as all the lasers went off and even when I went to stand in view of cameras for the tall tower room to turn on lasers that didn't start the purging countdown.


Request for future bug-proofing: Let us exit a Spy mission as soon as we have succeeded on at least one data extraction, like how Excavation only requires a single excavator to complete. That would make it very difficult for these missions to become uncompletable like they did here. Not as much of a pain as a long Survival or something, but I like to take my time and find goodies on Spy missions, and finding out I need to abort because room C refuses to complete would be annoying.


F6 screenshots: 392836


Edit: Of course, I actually mean "let us exit a Spy mission as soon as we have succeeded on the minimum number of data extractions", since those alerts and quests require 2/3 or 3/3 vaults. Goal is to protect against bugs, not introduce them.

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to add fuel to the fire: there just was a nightmare alert on jupiter for the "Blaze" mod and of course it was a spy mission and sure as hell both of those bugged room were present on four of five runs...BOTH!!! and with 2 data extraction needed... well, you can guess the level of hate that spawned.

lucky for me, in the 5th run i only got one of the bugged rooms (only a few minutes left too).

@DE: you really should consider an other alert for this very rare mod (1% drop chance on nightmare as far as i know) very soon - but pretty please fix this bug first or put it on a grenier mission.

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