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Exalted Blade Energy Drain Increased?


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No, I just stood still and pulled out my EB.

Idle drain seems to be increased. Still a very powerful ability no doubt, but is it stealth patch? or bug?

Odd. My game is still updating so I can't say for sure.

I don't think the patch notes mention anything about changes to EB besides some fixes. So I guess I'm leaning towards bug.

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Yeah it's draining insanely faster with as much efficiency as I can stuff into Excal.

Guess there's no real point of using Exalted now, you're better of conserving energy for the other 3 abilties with raw execution then buffing it with Exalted. Don't approve of it.

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I think that the efficiency mods just don't work or are bugged now.



Drain is 2.5/s.(tested), with full efficiency mods.




If this is intended then DE has killed Excalibur (again) and really just spit in the face of founders (again). If it is not, then it shall be fixed in due time.

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