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Radial Blast - Rhino


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Well i've tried it for about an hour, enemy's armor affect it, i was dealing up to 1250 dmg (max mod + focus 25%) against corpus lvl 12-20, same against infected up to lvl 30... after it starts to go down, against infected lvl 45 for example (light or ancients regardless) it was doing a poor 600-700


Well, it's aoe and does KD so it's not that bad... take ur conclusions, mine is: nvm Rhino, stay on the shelf a bit more.

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I heard a few ppl saying it is doing 1000 dmg now... bad joke or reality?


If you can prove it with a screenshot even better.


(ofc i'm talking about max'd lvl ability)


Thanks a lot!

gimme a min i will paly and get u a screen shot

and yeah it does 100 dmg and am happy with that ^_^

thx DE ^_^

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There you go !!

a game on xini !!

its great now .. not op normal and simple !



thats it

Ps : @Phoenix86 , yes i read your comment but i want to proof with pictures that after lvl 30 it go down to 500 - 600

there was a lvl 30 as the pic shows and lvl 34-36 ~ 40 so try to notice the Dmg difference it epends on the lvl


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