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Pushed In The Water While In Reveive State. Unriviveable (Tyl Regor Assasination)


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So i was downed in front of one of the water outlets. i got pushed into the water and it pput my archwing gear on and put my shield too max but my health at 0. When my teammate dived into the water too revive me it didnt show any timer adn i couldnt be revived.


Am i the only one so far. If im done with the new stuff i maybe will replicate this bug. too make a screenshot and see if it always happens.

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I had something similar happen to me today too.




The exact moment I died was the same time I left the water, I was left standing there with 0 HP and full shields. I wasn't able to move at all either. 


Edit: I had to gyazo the actual screenshot since the links would never work

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