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Questions About U17 Mod.



I have a few question about mod in U17


1. Does anyone know what is this diamond symbol infront of some mod ?



Some stance Mod got this symbol while some are not. Afterburn got this symbol but no other Augment, and the most curious thing is that all Fusion core have this symbol. 


2. Does Chesa Kubrow have its own unique mod ?


3. Some stamina mod (i.e Marathon and Quick Rest) are still in the Codex ? Will they get cleaned up soon ?

4. A suggestion. Can you guys at DE seperate the Augment mod from the Warframe category in the Codex ?
Having Augment mod in both Warframe category and Augment category is kind of redundant.

Same goes for Aura.

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1. It means that the mod can be used in both Cooperative and Conclave mode. It's kinda silly that Fusion Cores have it though. :P


2. I'd assume so since all the other Kubrow breed abilities work though mod cards too.

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