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Can We Have Pbr Areas Bound To The Same Color Slot?


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I use custom yellow color for my blings, and these blings use the tint color 4 most often, but there are few nasty examples tbh




First picture; pyra prime and eos prime has the color slot for their blings, awesome, this is how it is supposed to be


the others: that new scarf, really? Can it not have this ugly flat yellow, please? same with the others.


there was a similar thing with eos prime when it was freshly released:




PBR parts were using something like secondary colors leading to hideous results. it was however fixed later, so i hope for the best.

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seconding this. its always been a shame that not all syanadas and armour sets work together because of which colour slots handle the reflective metalic areas/prime gold trim, but the udyat syanada's (which is suuuper nice) don't seem to match up with ANY armour set. :(

i wanna be... glamour... :')

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