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U17 Alerts Not Giving Rewards (Thrak Helmet Specifically)


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So, on login, I see multiple alerts for the Thrak Rhino Helmet. 


I attempted the Venus Excavation mission. The exit didn't appear until 6 extractors had been protected (isn't it usually two for alerts?). Upon leaving, I received the cryotic and alert credit rewards, but no Thrak Helmet blueprint, nor any other Rotation A/B/C rewards.


I then attempted the Uranus spy mission alert for the Thrak Helmet. 2 completions required, and I completed all three rooms without detection, and extracted successfully. Once again, no Thrak helmet blueprint, and no other spy rewards for any of the three rooms. 


There are currently another two alert missions for the Thrak Helmet on Eris and Ceres. 


I'm assuming that the Thrak helmet is being listed falsely as a reward on credit-only missions?

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Naga (Sedna) | Interception (Grineer) | Enemy Comm Station Vulnerable | Starts in 4m | 57m | 9,000cr - Thrak Rhino Helmet Blueprint


This is the true mission for thrak~

every other mission is a lie....like the cake~

you should keep on eye on the alert list on the bottom right of forums front page~
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