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Quest: Natah



Is the strange drone scanning Tenno just an ungraded piece of Corpus technology or are there more sinister things stirring in the Origin System?




The mystery drone will randomly seek out players with a Mastery Rank of 3 or higher. After encountering this drone, the Lotus will initiate the quest.




  • Players can now purchase the Lotus Heart Sigil from the Arsenal (Regalia Section) for 1 Credit.




  • Made various tweaks to Grineer Ramparts.
  • Grineer Manics now have slightly slower movement speed and teleport less frequently when approaching a player.
  • Removed Grineer Manic health regeneration.
  • When previewing a Warframe or weapon that you have equipped the previewed item will now show your customization.
  • Made a visual tweak to the blue tint appearing on Corpus weapons that have been PBR upgraded.
  • Reduced the volume of audio effects on the Harpak.
  • Final Harbinger now drops from the Grineer Manics that appear during Tyl Regor’s boss fight.
  • Corpus engines across various tilesets have been given a PBR update.
  • Removed the Exilus Adapter Blueprint from Simaris, Natah Quest completion is now required to unlock this.




  • Fixed an issue with Tyl Regor laying down for Clients during various phases of the boss fight.
  • Fixed chat not auto-scrolling to most recent message.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Clients to use Archwing in non-underwater areas of the Grineer Underwater Labs tileset.
  • Fixed a display inconsistency with Challenges in the UI.
  • Fixed some environmental holes on the Grineer Galleon tileset in Mobile Defense Mission.
  • Fixed audio cues not playing for defense objectives on Uranus’ Grineer Underwater Labs.
  • Fixed a potential error caused by Grineer Ramparts.
  • Fixed improper lighting in some sections of the Grineer Underwater Labs
  • Fixed the Grineer Draga spawning out of water.
  • Fixed an issue with underwater lightning in the Grineer Labs tileset.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from being teleported back to a safe position when using Wall Latch in an Out of Bounds area.
  • Fixed Clients seeing Equinox using the wrong idle animations on Night and Day forms.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Tyl Regor Boss Fight from triggering.
  • Fixed the Djinn’s Fatal Attraction ability not functioning on ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed a typo in Phage’s Codex description.
  • Fixed unnecessary audio in Codex Event Dioramas.
  • Fixed Radial Blind giving away Tyl Regor’s position after cloaking.
  • Fixed the Arsenal displaying incorrect Capacity numbers when installing Mods.
  • Fixed Stamina Mods still appearing in drop tables and the Codex.
  • Fixed one Aspect of Equinox requiring two helmets, instead of a helmet, chassis and systems.
  • Fixed Tyl Regor’s glass-breaking roar not playing for Clients during his boss fight.
  • Fixed the Lotus’ Transmission not playing after Tyl Regor is defeated.
  • Fixed the positioning of the new ‘cape’ Syandanas on Equinox.  
  • Fixed the Grineer Draga occasionally going into a T pose.
  • Fixed damage procs staying on players when switching between an Archwing and Warframe.
  • Fixed the Twin Grakata’s second weapon not having a proper animations.
  • Fixed Hosts attempting to invite friends to full squads getting the wrong error message.
  • Fixed the swing arc/motion behind whip attacks.
  • Fixed Alert rewards not displaying correctly when the World State Window is refreshed.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when going into bleedout while diving into Archwing mode.
  • Fixed Ramparts being usable by Valkyr when in Hysteria.
  • Fixed Kubrow armor displaying as all black.
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Bug found: Grineer railings appear to take hits (red outline) and will bleed when hitting them with a melee weapon while crouching. This was found on Earth, Eurasia and the weapon used was a level 29 Dark Dagger (love the new aesthetics on that btw great job).

Thanks for fixing chat bug!

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Front Sigil Primary Color Just Broke from this hotfix, Just a heads up.

Never Mind guess just had to refresh my front sigil a few times and change warframes to get color working again.

Thanks for the new back sigil tho, it looks amazing. ^-^

Edited by Imortel
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I am running into an issue where after I bladestorm ash will freeze in place and cant shoot or move. I don't know if it is caused by hiding weapons or trickery activating but it only started after update 17.

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Ash is freezing in place now and he cant move or fire his weapons. It seems to happen when I have my weapons hidden and I bladestorm. Maybe trickery activating is causing it? I don't know why its happening but it just started in u17.

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