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I literally was 95% done with 17.0, it suddenly crashed and it's now downlading everything again... I'm not even mad, I just want to know WHERE did all that 1gb+ went? magically dissapeared and started download again? D: Guess I'll just have to wait another 3 hours... (crappy net here)


I really wish someone can explain how this happens, kinda weird for me :s


Nevermind! my computer went full retard-showing the wrong percentage untill now.


Almost done, I'll finally test U17 now :'D

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Bug found: 

Scanned like 10-12 Dragas (one of the new archwing enemies on Uranus tileset)

They aren't showing on Codex. 






2 bugs found (sorry if someone already posted this): Synthesis target related


- No synthesis points

- Falling through terrain after using Kinetic Siphon Trap.



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