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Options For Alternate Crosshairs And Centralized Hud


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It's really hard for me to see the little white dot crosshair in a pitched firefight, especially against Corpus, who have light grey helms and whose laser blasts have a tendency to obscure things. I'd like to be able to have something a little larger with a bit more contrast, i.e. a variant on the bullseye crosshair. There was an old thread from about a year and a half ago that was asking for much the same thing and support seemed pretty universal. Seems like a simple thing to implement too. (Alas, there's no support for UI mods.)


I'd also prefer an option for a centralized HUD, which puts relevent critical info near the middle of the screen as it's needed. For example, when my shields take a hit, a bar appears near the center that lets me easily see out of my peripheral vision how much I have left without having to take my eye off my target to check. When the shields recharge, it fades out after a brief period. Same for health, ammo, maybe energy. I noticed the Archwing actually has something similar to this, but the health and shield bars are very thin and difficult to notice. If you'd like an example of what I'm thinking of, Planetside 2 has basically exactly what I'd love to see here.

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