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Wts > Arcane Pendragon Helmet

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hey man, i currently have arcane pendragon. looking to sell it. around 250 plats. if you have anything to ask just pm me here or in game. 


Stat Property : +15% power strength

                        - 5%  Armor.


its also look kinda like a fish. dragon fish. lel.


so just pm me. ill reply as soon as possible.


i got like 227% power strength when equipped with this +175% efficiency +intensify +Transient fortitude +blind rage R2.


its good. can slice T4 / T3 like butter. you can get around 70k dmge or even more with dis build (with Radial blind) no channeling/no finisher move. (sorry just  to convince you haha, but i S#&$ you not, its not a lie)

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