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Rip Mesa And Excalibur


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Before throwing bashing comments in General Discussions (not even the right category), you may want to investigate things first. Being a member since last January, you should know that big updates like this usually introduces serious bugs as well, despite DE taking the time to fix a lot of things before release.


That being said, DO NOT BASH, but criticize intelligently. Please learn the difference between the former and the latter as it will help actual discussion and feedback, while avoiding any chances of your topics being locked.

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Yet we do have a right to be skeptical to say the least when something goes wrong b/c DE is renowned for nerfing Frames and Gear that are fun to play. I hope this time it's a bug and not a permanent Nerf.


Or you could stop the rage machine for five seconds and think, realize a major update just happened and always break stuff, instead of jumping to the "stealth nerf" nonsense. It's clearly, very very obviously a bug with channeling skills.


What you have a right to do here is use your head and realize this is a bug. If you follow the threads linked, you should even see the Rebecca state that it is a bug that will be fixed in the next hotfix. 


Seriously, stop with the poutrage it's just silly. 

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