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Warframe U17 Crashing Video Drivers.


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I will be standing in my liset or editting something and my screens go black and then i'm back on my desktop. Games still running but i have to force close it because i can't get back in it.


This is in my Event Viewer. "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


I can't seem to get the other message i get from the bottom of the screen.


I'm running windows 7 64 Bit. GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Intel i7. I'm not overclocking. Its up to date today i checked. I'm set to performance on it as i don't need fancy graphics. I put V-sync on and i turned that new glare mode off.


I don't know whats causing it and its keeping me from playing for very long. One match and i come back and then it crashes my video drivers.

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Not overclocking and i just installed the new driver just now to see what will happen.


Overclocking seems to be a death sentence for cards and i don't have the money to replace them easily.


Also that Geforce experience seems to be bad cause when i had it installed it gave me blue-screens. Uninstalled it and they stopped.

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It's not U17.. it's been happening since 16.11 to me. Told them in post.. told them in reports.. told them in support ticket. 


Their extremely delayed reply was: it's your pc that's fuked.. with U17 i've gone from random crash in liset to total crash the moment I login. <3 the engineering team.

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AHh i see. Yesterday and the weeks before i was fine even right up before the update. Then U17 comes around and now i can't play.


So i guess warframe is done for me? Kinda a sad way to go after spending so much time on it.

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