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I Heavily Dislike The New Parkour (And Other Issues).


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1. Directional mele was nerfed completely. It was useful and it should have been kept as it was.


2. Sprint speed needs to be increased for all frames please.


3. It is clunky as hell, I cant even use parkour 2.0 without mashing all the keys in the world. (Don't tell me to macro because that is just an excuse, I shouldn't have to macro for basic movement and this isnt about holding down spacebar for walljumping this is the ADADADAD bullcrap that they somehow think is acceptable.)


4. The wall attach barely works even half the time and yes I am quite sure I am doing it correctly. 


5. Most of the maps do not support your movement system now and frankly it feels like a huge downgrade.


6. Forced archwing on certain missions.........Don't, just don't. Not until you get that mess straitened out will I ever approve of forcing archwing on people. 


7. Transition out of archwing to normal movement is absolutely disgusting. You cant jump out of the water, you are locked into an animation that looks just plain broken.



As a long time player of your game DE I feel cheated. The movement system feels like a downgrade (a major one) to the movement that we had before. I feel constricted when I try to play warframe now. It is not flowing and it is not enjoyable (for me atleast). When I played I just don't feel like this game is warframe anymore. It does not feel like it and it does not play like it.


Whatever happened to our "year of quality" that you promised us?


Until the problems with the current game are reasonably resolved (be it parkour or other issues) I will not be playing warframe or buying anything warframe related in protest. I urge others with the same concerns as me to do the same. We need to make DE realize that we do not want broken or unfinished content pushed on us as if we NEED to accept it. That is the kind of attitude that has kept this game lacking. We should be willing to wait more time and allow them to iron out all the bugs and check the balances before they release anything.

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