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Planetary Nav Segments


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First I wanna apologise if I have put this topic in the wrong section on the forums and if anyone knows where it should be put I would appreciate it if they could let me know how to move it (I don't really start topics on forums).


Anyways onto the point at hand. for a lot of us experienced players farming bosses for parts, helping friends get a frame or resource farming from bosses we have collected a tonne of nav segments and they are useless now we have unlocked every planet. Can we please be able to sell them before we get the new star chart even if it is for as little a value as 100 credits. Call me a neat freak or whatever but I really don't like having them sit there in my inventory and getting in the way while I sort what I have.


I don't know if DE has any plans for them for the new star chart or not but I for one would love a way to get rid of them now that they have no use.

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