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Looking For A Mature, New Player Friendly Clan


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Im am Caesar of The 13th Legion in warframe and our clan would gladly welcome you. We are a Shadow Clan with a few spots left. You can check out our website on 13thlegion.gamerlanch.com to see how we do things. Each squad determines how casual or competitve they want to be, so you can play how you want when you want with people who want to do the same. New members are awlays welcome and we have people to help you advance faster in the game and help with whatever you need help with. We are all very active and a part of the Art of War alliance. Our dojo is complete and you have full access to it. Our ranking structure is has set standards for advancement so there is no ambiguity on how to rank up if that is something you want to do and we host clan events often.

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