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Parkour 2.0 Tips For Fast Travelling


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Note: you are in a large open space with nicely spaced smooth pillars.


We are typically in constricted tunnels with irregular walls. The map design does not match the movement design. It's just bad gameplay.

well in smaller areas you can just skip the first glide and double jump into a glide, it's still fast, in more open areas/bigger rooms this works fine, also in parkour 1.0 i don't recall coptering taking you 5m when there was a small room, but here you can control how far you want to go, since you can also stop the glide at any time

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You should change the title to "Parkour 2.0 tips to travel further in 1 jump," cause it takes you insanely far. 


The fastest way to get around with Parkour 2.0 is to Bullet Jump --> Double Jump --> Dodge Roll. That's all one motion. All done before you hit the ground. 

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