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Tyl Regor Overkill Bug


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Today I was farming Tyl Regor with a friend for Equinox.

I first went with a relatively low damage output weapon.

The fight went without any probems (except I sometimes got forced off the tileset, but there are plenty of topics about that).


I decided I wanted to take a higher damage weapon. So, I took an explosive weapon designed for high levels. Very high damage output per click. The fight started, I shot Regor once. He fell, as suppoused to. We killed the Manics that spawned and thus began the second stage. My friend was simply shooting the air. I realized it was Regor he was shooting at, but Regor was not shown on my client. He was transparent, no health bar was shown when I had my crosshair over him; the only thing visible were the visual effects (sparkles, energy trails, etc). I did try shooting where my friend shot at, and I simply hit nothing. As if Regor was nonexistent. He wasn't even targeting me. It ended up for my friend doing the second and third stages by himself, with me helping killing the Manics between.


I suppouse this is some kind of overkill bug, client sided? I mean, the Vor fight works the same. Deplete third of his health, mobs spawn, repeat until death. In the fight with Vor however, what I mentioned above did not happen.

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