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Difficulty Level,melee Combos And Solar Systems Oh My!


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Hi all, 


Everyone has their pros and cons for the game but I would like to make 3 suggestions for what DE can do in future, and if anyone is interested please let me know if you think the ideas could work or not.


1)The game overall is kind of easy, especially in a team, which is an issue in a co-op game. But some of the most fun, especially when you first start, is when the stalker owns you, then when you get better you can hold your own as long as you don't screw up.


But that's just 1 stalker, and he is a good challenge for one player. But how about a new enemy, or additions to the current ones where the basic and most common enemy is at least as hard and fast and aggressive as the stalker. 


It would be indeed very hard I would imagine. But Im also confident teams will still own them, but not without a challenge. And it will help get around bullet spungyness being the main thing that makes a enemy harder.


(the new patch has new enemies i know, but this is just an idea for the future. Also though i am yet to find out, I have a feeling the new units will make the game feel a lil more varied but wont add much difficulty, as what tends to happen with such things... usually)


2)At the moment melee is pretty spammy. You can be more clean cut and precise, but there is no real need to. As there is only 1 melee button the options are limited. But could the melee system be enhanced with a slighty more indepth combo system? A little like DCUO I suppose, with the whole ' Tap - Hold.... TAP - TAP - Hold' to do set combos. I think this would just all round be a good addition. Also with friendly PVP in the dojo's, this would make that whole thing much much better. (I don't even have to play it yet to know that as more options with basic moves tends toward more depth especially in pvp)


3)I've mentioned this briefly in another thread but how would players feel if rather than do the whole Vauban/Alerts method of releasing and trying to get some money out of the new content in that way, DE made and released what are essentially expansions. 


EG. The next big patch (expansion) would be A whole other solar system, with a new Warframe to collect and new alerts that have different drops. But for instant permanent access you pay $15 (or maybe an option for an ongoing subscription so you will always get access to those expansions as they are released and whilst you pay sub). Or use some kind of ingame "key" to gain access for a limited time (say 3days,/5days/1week depending on the value of the key). And those "keys" drop from Alerts and what ever, or can be bought with plat.


Personally I don't think the price they charge for warframes is value for money, however most of the other things in the market like Orikin reactors are well priced And have in the past found myself deciding between trying to farm for it or just buying depending on the time I have available. And its worked out about 50/50. And even though the Plat pricing is a little obvious in how it works its generally fine. 


I know they have kind of done some similar ideas in this patch with the " Void key", but what do people think of it in the context of this idea?


I think it would be a good earner for DE, its not alien to being a successful model in other games, and free gamers can use the only currency they have "time" to gain access for limited time at the loots in that system.

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