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Selling Prime Sets And Parts

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PM me in game or leave a reply if you are interested in anything.


Prime Sets:


Boar prime set-110p

Dakra prime set-45p

Mag prime set-50p

Fang prime set-50p

Boltor prime set-45p

Braton prime set-40p

Burston prime set-40p

Latron prime set-90p

Loki prime set-100p
Rhino prime set-70p

Scindo prime set-60p


Prime Parts:


Ankryos prime blade-10p

Ash prime helmet-10p

Boar prime reciever-15p

Boar prime stock-25p

Carrier prime systems-30p

Dakra prime blueprint-10p

Dakra prime blade-15p

Frost prime helmet-50p

Loki prime systems-40p

Nyx prime systems-35p

Nova prime chassis-45p

Odonata prime wings-50p

Scindo prime blade-35p

Soma prime barrel-35p

Vectis prime barrel-10p

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