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Wanted: More Checks Before (Auto)Equipping Mods


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I have a Helios. Helios uses a melee weapon. I use a melee weapon. I auto-equip mods when not speccing for any mission in particular. Auto-equipping mods for Helios' weapon usually results in three or four "Conflicts" with whatever mods my frame's melee weapon has.


Two suggestions:


1) Remove mods from the "Available Mods" pool if they're equipped, or create a second "Already in use" pool. The mark on mods that are already in use does little to avert confusion when manually equipping them.


2)If creating a check for mods already in use before auto-equipping is not possible, then allow players to choose how to resolve mod conflicts (For example, I may want to resolve in favour of Helios' Deconstructor weapon).

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