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I Need Harder Content.


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I think warframe needs some harder content, of course we have defense missions but I really think warframe could do with some new game modes and eventually a new solar system. Perhaps you could just start with one planetary system at a time, but pluto is just not a challenge it's completely doable when I'm soloing and I don't even have to rely on my teammates when I'm in a party. I'm not saying I have flawless stats but isn't faliure something that should be a part of the game at some point?


I don't feel like I need to advance my skill further even though I'm sure I could improve by unimaginable leaps and I think we could really do with a challenge that isn't defense, I want to have players in my clan that are oriented on progress and progress in warframe right now is just a matter of leveling all weapons/warframes (grind) or completing all missions (grind) and getting to the highest defense level you can with your teammates which is a great challenge for us but it can take up to a good 3-4 hours per mission.


I'm not saying I'm the gold standard of warframe players, I'm sure there are loads of players that have gotten to WAY higher levels on defense than me. I'm a mediocre gamer, I know that, but I come from an MMO background, I'm used to defeat and getting back up for another go, I'm used to the content being so hard that the only way to beat it is by failing a lot before succeeding. I'd even be fine if the rewards were pathetic as long as I can push myself and have skill and teamwork being a deciding factor in why people would consider joining a clan.

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You can deliberately handicap yourself. 


Unequip skills on your frame.


Count the mission a fail if you fall to a certain HP.


Limit your mod spaces. If you have a potato'd lv30 weapon, only allow yourself to use 30points. Maybe even 20.


No Vitality or no Redirection.


Create new objectives for yourself. Stealth run or Elimination run?


Duo with someone else with a given set of restrictions for both of you and a goal to outdo one another. Dmg% or kill# or damage taken. Friendly competition.


Just some ideas.

I do understand where you're coming from though. The game being easy while you are leveling up isn't as noticeable, but once you reach end game gear it can get a little easy.

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I've tried all of those PolarCamel and I find them unsatisfying, they also don't make clans more "special" or promote teamwork or organized play.

I'm not looking for a solo challenge, I'm looking for a challenge for a well coordinated, communicating and highly functional team of players.


Simply increasing the enemy effective health and reducing the player effective health won't do, it's not very compelling gameplay.

I want to strategize and communicate with my team, which there isn't really a reason for at the moment, the exception is of course the defense mode but I don't find it rewarding in terms of gameplay.

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I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this is an actual multiplayer game. And I feel that just by being a multiplayer game it can easily come under pressure by players likeminded to me to push the game into a more competetive direction which I feel is a general quality needed in every multiplayer game even if it is PvE. When my mods are maxed (which they aren't) there should be some content that still poses a worthy challenge for a fully equipped and capable team (capable in communication and mastery of the game)

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