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Had A First Person Moment


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the game to me atleast looks so much cooler in the view i had. there really no reason not to add it in. i get that theres model and animation and programming and the like and thats all super incredibly hard... but its not like it couldnt be done. I would enjoy it if it was just a crappy shift in perspective as this view is in the video. its better than nothing.

in fact the new camera thing kinda shows they are open to the idea of changing the view point. there is little use for the camera actually. its good for sending it down a hallway but it just focuses on ur frame so you cant see around a corner or into another room super well. 

the fact that this new camera is a thing makes me hope that maybe by the end of next year we will have a first person view option. and it gives me hope that we might have a first person view at some point.

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